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Pet Insurance

Pets unfortunately do not have the safety net of a National Health Service. As the level of veterinary care continues to improve and pets live longer it can become very expensive. The reassurance that your pet is covered for veterinary care for major acute illness episodes, injuries and long term disease management should give you peace of mind. Not all veterinary care will be paid for if your pet is insured as all insurance providers charge an excess on any claim, which typically exceeds the cost of treatment for minor ailments.

We are not able to recommend any specific insurance provider but can advise you to ensure the policy you decide on gives 'cover for life' at a level to meet your expectations. Our general advice would be to read the small print of any insurance policy carefully with regard to the value of cover (per year or per condition), period of cover, policy excesses, exclusions, age limits for cover and how premiums, conditions and excesses might change as your pet becomes older. Pet insurance, unlike many other types of insurance, is heavily claimed on therefore looking for the least expensive policy may not necessarily give the best cover.

Many insurance companies offer a service that gives the option of payment direct to your vet, however, we would always ask that you settle your account with us, and then claim back from your insurer. In a small number of cases we will agree to payment direct from the insurance company but only if we have received pre- authorisation direct from the insurance company.

There is a small administration fee which is payable at the time you hand in your claim form. This is charged as a single fee for one-off claims and where applicable a smaller quarterly fee for continuations. These fees are necessary to cover the costs of the increasing number of claim forms we have to deal with.